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Classical Winemaking Meets Alambic Distilling

Napa Valley's Most Exciting Collection

About Charbay Winery

Celebrating 30+ Years in Napa Valley

What were you doing when you were 7? If it wasn’t winemaking & distilling alongside your dad, that’s ok! Charbay began its American story in 1983 – when Miles & Susan Karakasevic launched their own dream, following in this family's 12 generation European tradition with Alambic brandy & a selection of winesIn 1987, the family's dream of basing the business from the family's Napa Valley homestead became a reality. Since then, the journey has encompassed both wines & spirits that have caught the attention of intrepid people across the country - and two generations here in the U.S.

Charbay 12th Generation Master Winemaker/Distiller Miles Karakasevic

Small Lot Wines & Beyond

(Way Beyond)

Our family's 13 generation winemaking & distilling heritage is woven together into one of the most diverse wine collections in Napa Valley (and probably the U.S.) We start with small-lot wines (yes, single vineyard and all that), then continue onward to silky Napa Valley vintage ports and other dessert wines. Add mouthwatering aperitifs for cocktail-like creations and our award-winning brandies themselves. Explore our Napa Valley collection below or plan your escape to Napa Valley & come taste!

Charbay Winery - Cabernet Sauvignon (Napa Valley)
Charbay Winery - Distillers' Port (Napa Valley)

Cabernet Sauvignon

Distillers' Port

(Napa Valley)

Our 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon is from Napa Valley’s coveted Stags Leap District. Look for deep berry flavors (a signature of our whole cluster fermentation) and incredible smoothness. Already aged so you’re not tempted early. Check out how many bottles are in stock or get on our list for the next vintage.

Forget what you thought you knew about port – think smooth & silky, with a kiss of sweetness. Using our own barrel-aged Alambic brandies adds amazing flavors. Serve with a plate of cheese & watch eyes light up.

Still House Port (slice).jpg
Pomegranate Dessert Wine (150dpi).jpg

still house


pomegranate dessert wine

Prefer a more traditional style port? This is our 2006 vintage, made with a blend of Cabernet, Zinfandel & Syrah, plus our own barrel-aged Syrah alambic brandy

A unique favorite made from freshly-pressed pomegranate juice  and Charbay brandy. Great on the rocks or as a liqueur.

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