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Passion. Mastery. Patience. Creativity.


Master Winemaker & Grand Master Distiller

At the heart and soul of Charbay Winery & Distillery is our Founder, Miles Karakasevic, who views winemaking & distilling as 'an art endeavor'. Raised in former Yugoslavia, Miles followed in the footsteps of 12 generations in his family tradition of winemaking & distilling. In addition to being an amazing winemaker, Miles is considered one of the founding fathers of the American artisan spirits movement. 

Since retiring in 2018, Miles can often be found in his lab, continuing to follow his many personal interests & projects.


marko karakasevic

13th Generation Winemaker

Marko grew up around vineyards, barrel and hoses, learning the art of winemaking alongside his father over many years. Charbay Distillers' Port is named for the creativity of this amazing father-son team, for whom winemaking and distilling are naturally woven together.  

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