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Rated #1 of '10Best' Wineries to Sip & Swirl in Napa Valley


John taught me more about Port wine history, the region, and poured the tastiest lineup of samples than the other three places I stopped at combined. Really respect Charbay's attention to detail!

Avik C.

John alone is worth the visit. He will lead you through a Charbay tasting you'll never forget.

Ben E.

This place is awesome. Driving up from Napa, you travel up winding and beautiful roads to a private gated property. The wines are very good here but it's the port that blew my wife and me away. They fortify their ports with their own brandy. They have an amazingly delicate sweetness uncommon in most port wines that choose to liken themselves more to syrup than fortified wine.

We were unable to try any of the spirits due to California law but we'll be ordering from them soon. Likely will join one of the clubs...Great place!

Will W.

“I received a sensational bottle of red wine from CHARBAY WINERY & DISTILLERY, and all I can say is, ‘WOW!’ I can’t wait to visit you guys in person and buy as many bottles as I can hold!”

Reese M.


Here's a glimpse from the past 30 years...From testimonials about our Still House tours to our delicious handcrafted wines, apertifs & ports, we’re honored to be considered one of the best places to visit in Napa Valley.

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