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Napa Valley Port

Charbay Port is made right here in Napa Valley & is a tribute to the famous port-making method of Portugal - a liquid 3-way suspension of grape: juice, wine & brandy made by stopping fermentation while a bit of the sweet juice still remains. Unlike most, our ports have Charbay's own Alambic brandy - aged and/or made fresh on site - in their soul. Find out why that matters.

"Your mouth is like an Alambic Still," says Charbay's founder, Miles Karakasevic. When you take a sip of port, let it linger in your mouth. Our ports are made with varietal brandies - sometimes aged, sometimes fresh (or both!) These will open for you in the port like layers as Charbay Port warms. The different components will vaporize and you will then be able to smell them.

Using Alambic brandy also creates smoothness and allows Charbay to release stunning ports that fuse together without the need for longterm barrel aging required when using standard 'neutral grape spirit.'

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