During a season, we hand-make a number of wines and spirits by fermenting and distilling sometimes a dozen or more kinds of fruit.

They all require various soils, sites and climates. So we leave fruit growing to other professionals.

By paying them the top price for small amounts of the finest fruits we need each year, we are free to concentrate on our strengths, the art of winemaking and distilling. This way we can choose the fruit grown by the professionals on the best growing sites.


We do get the best of many worlds this way. We are lucky. Most of our growers are friends by now.


Let me explain to you our process of red winemaking, a simple operation that separates Masters from others!

The process consists of and requires the following: Experience, time, money, luck, best fruit, good destemer/crusher, small open-top fermenters, yeasts, strong back for stirring must, good must-pump, old basket press, best French oak barrels, cool barrel-aging cellar, filter, bottling equipment, bottles, corks, foils and label and, finally: You, our customer, who appreciates the horrendous amount of hard work, time and expenses that go into each bottle of Domaine Charbay products.

- As written by Miles Karakasevic, Founder & 12th Generation Master Winemaker/Distiller

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St Helena, Napa Valley CA 

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